Product Liability

Has a product malfunction caused you injury? This type of incident can be caused by the most innocuous of household items to a vehicle or outside implement.

Products liability causing pain or injury can include electrocution from an improperly wired piece of equipment like a hair dryer or a toaster or failing to include safety measures to something like a skill saw. This type of injury can also occur when proper warnings are not placed on equipment, for everything from the smallest toy for toddlers to a cruising yacht.

If something that you own breaks and causes you injury you may be able to receive compensation under products liability. Other examples include scalding from a pot with a broken handle.

Vehicle malfunctions are also covered under this type of liability. Vehicle manufacturers are required to conduct recalls when they know that something within that vehicle can break or malfunction; this can include ball joints to axles to even something within the vehicle’s computer that may cause an injury to occur.