Dog Bites

Dogs may be “man’s best friend” but they can also be a nightmare if they have a tendency to bite. Not only does a dog bite cause physical injury, it may cause mental anguish as well, including a phobia of canines. This is especially true in young children who can carry the scars of the physical and mental pain all their life.

A dog bite can occur if it is off the leash and running around your neighborhood; quite commonly people (especially children) will go up to a loose dog thinking it is friendly; this may not be the case. It can also occur if the dog is on a leash but is not under control of the owner; you might be walking by the dog and it decides to bite you.

Sometimes the victim of the dog bite might not even be a human; if your dog or cat is bitten and injured by another dog, you might be able to receive compensation for veterinarian costs.

Delivery persons – whether for pizza, mail or a courier – are probably the most common to receive dog bites because of the sheer number of yards they must enter.