Construction Site Accidents

When you step onto a construction site there is a reason why hard hats and proper equipment are required; construction can be a dangerous line of work. Injuries can occur through unmet safety requirements such as guard rails and the like, to improper use of equipment.

As in any situation, negligence causes most accidents at the construction site. This includes improper safety procedures when operating equipment, from the smallest forklift to the largest crane; and inattention while operating that same machinery.

Even the simplest things such as marking where people or equipment are working ahead can cause an accident when they are not properly in place. High-rise construction sites are especially dangerous as workers can be stories above the ground, resulting in death or grave injury if they fall to the ground due to improper railings.

Scaffolding, used to construct the outside of buildings, can itself be a hazard if it is not erected properly or not secured tightly against the building.