5 Top Things Car Accident Victims Should Do

1. Don’t assume you are okay; if you are injured, seek medical treatment. It is common for people to feel okay at the scene due to adrenaline or shock, so you should still see a doctor to be sure you are truly all right. When you meet with the doctor, thoroughly describe any injuries you sustained and how you are truly feeling. There is no need to exaggerate. But you should accurately explain what happened and where you may be hurting.

2. If your doctor asks you to come back to be checked again, be sure you make that appointment. Again, it’s common to feel okay at the time but many injuries can show up later. The best bet for full healing is to follow your doctor’s order.

3. All of your medical bills should be submitted to your own health insurance company. While the party at fault may eventually have to pay the medical bills, that won’t happen until the case is settled through the courts. Don’t delay your medical treatment; have your health insurance cover the bills in the meantime.

4. Photograph your car, the other cars involved and any other property damage that occurred at the scene. Having this photographic evidence can help your case with the insurance companies and even the courts.

5. Make sure to call the police and have repot made. A Police report from the proper authorities could make or break your case. No report means no evidence