5 Things Car Accident Victims Should NOT Do

1. Consult with a car accident attorney before giving statements to anyone about what happened in the accident. Should you decide to pursue a claim regarding this accident, any recorded statements you have given can be used as evidence; you want to be sure that you don’t hurt your own claim by saying the wrong thing.

2. Never sign authorizations giving other parties the right to look at your medical records. This can be a legal minefield that is best navigated by your car accident attorney. You need to understand your rights fully before you give authorizations for anyone to view your private records.

3. While it may be tempting to visit social networking sites and talk about the accident, you must resist the urge to post anything about the accident. Unless your car accident lawyer has given you approval, so not tweet of make any Facebook posts regarding the accident. The less information you share about the event, the better off you will be.

4. Do not write down anything about the accident anywhere; including your injuries and medical treatment. This includes writing in your private diary or journal. Any written record can be used, so do not write or record anything about the accident unless your attorney has given you permission to do so. Recorded information about the accident in the wrong hands can hurt you if you file a claim or decide to pursue a lawsuit against any other party.

5. Do not talk to Insurance Company.

The fact is that Americans do have to deal with automobile accidents. No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but when you are more informed you can make better decisions after an accident. Taking the time to meet with a car accident lawyer will help insure that you have the information you need and can make the best decisions for your situation.